Frequently asked questions


How do I get started?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.Getting started is easy! We have a variety of options like our ONE time purchase of: "Try it for a Week" with 10 meals or you can choose how many meals YOU want with the "You Choose" option. Want to save some extra cash? Subscribe to any of our weekly subscription programs to get the best deal and first pick on meals. Choose from any of our subscription programs like, 10, 14 to 21 meals per week. Sign Up by Friday to get started the following Sunday and/or Wednesday.

I purchased a plan, when I can start enjoying my delicous meals?

Pick-up and delivery days are Sunday & Wednesday. Sign up by FRIDAY to get started the following Sunday and/or Wednesday. *Delivery is available within 20 miles from our location in Denver, CO. $12.50 fee is applicable per delivery. Please include a request for delivery in your on-line order submission*

Does MVN offer custom meal prep options?

We offer some modifications for our SUBSCRIPTION members only. Modifications include: Lean Meals, serving of protein and veggies; Low-Carb Meals, half carb portion of regular meals; Mega Meals, increased protein and/or carb portion at $2 surcharge/meal. Must pre-order and be a subscription member w/ MVN. Don't like broccoli or red meat (or other specific items)? Meal prep dishes with disliked food ingredients will be excluded from order, therefore decreasing the variety of meal options. Contact us if you have further questions about meal prep modifications.

Dine-In Menu

Do you have a dine-in menu?

Due to Covid-19 we are no longer offering dine-in service but we are always offering Take-Out! Enjoy any of our take-out options, made fresh to order. Serving breakfast & lunch all day! Call ahead to place your order: 303-455-1021

Is the Take-Out menu meals available for delivery?

Not yet! For now, Take-Out is only available for pick-up.

Meal Plans

What are my meal plan options?

A) Meal Prep Subscription Programs at $10 per meal. -10 meals per week @$100 -14 meals per week @$140 -21 meals per week @$210 * Plan auto renews until canceled. B) Try It for 1 Week at $11 per meal. -10 meals per week @$110 One time purchase. No commitment. No reoccurring payment. C) You Choose -Select the quantity of meals you'd like to purchase at $11/meals. One time purchase. No commitment. No reoccurring payment. * Subscription plans auto renews until canceled. One time purchases are only good for a one time order or meal prep.